My research interests encompass a broad spread of geophysics and geochemistry. I use techniques from continuum mechanics, numerical analysis and statistics to tackle a wide variety of problems in the Earth Sciences. Current topics of interest include:

  • The dynamics of melt transport in Earth’s mantle

  • The evolution and differentiation of the Earth from its formation to the present day

  • The surface expressions of mantle convection (dynamic topography)

  • The origin and evolution of mantle heterogeneity

Much of my current research is focused on the following questions:

  • How does magma make its way from source to surface?

  • How does a partially molten rock deform when stressed?

  • How do different magmas mix and intermingle during their transport?

  • How can the chemistry of surface rocks be used to place constraints on the workings of Earth’s deep interior?


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Other documents

  1. Geochemical Implications of Stirring and Mixing in the Earth’s Mantle (2006) PhD thesis [PDF] [Apollo] (I was supervised by Dan McKenzie at the Bullard Laboratories, Earth Sciences, and Peter Haynes at DAMTP)

  2. Completion of Oil Wells (Part III computational project) (2003) [PDF]

  3. Friction Stir Welding (DAMTP technical report with John Hinch) (2002) [PDF]

Melt in the Mantle

I was the principal organiser of the 2016 “Melt in the Mantle” programme at the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences. The seminars from this programme are available here.


Some of my research has been covered by the popular press. What follows are links to some of the articles I am aware of. The press articles do not always accurately represent the scientific ideas - please read the original articles for the most accurate expositions!

Earth’s accretion

Dynamic topography

Philip Leverhulme Prize

President’s Award