Current students/postdocs

David David Rees Jones is a postdoc developing new models of the transport of melt and volatiles in subduction zones. He spends part of his time in Cambridge and part of his time in Oxford, where he supervised by Richard Katz. His work is part of large NERC-funded consortium on Deep Volatiles.
Prin Isarapong Eksinchol is a PhD student working on “The dynamical effects of deglaciation on magmatism”. He is co-supervised by John Maclennan. Isarapong is developing models of the effect of glacial loading and unloading on melt production beneath Iceland.
Simon Simon Matthews is a PhD student working on “Investigating the role of lithological heterogeneity in the storage and transport of mantle volatiles.” His principal supervisor is Oliver Shorttle, and he is co-supervised by myself and John Maclennan. Simon’s work is part of a large NERC-funded consortium on Deep Volatiles.

Former students/postdocs

Laura Laura Alisic worked on a NERC funded project on “Computational tools for magma dynamics of subduction zones: finite element models and efficient solvers”. This project was a collaboration between Cambridge and Oxford, with Richard Katz, Sander Rhebergen, Andrew Wathen and Garth Wells. Laura now works at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Alisic L., Rhebergen S., Rudge J.F., Katz R.F., Wells G.N. Torsion of a cylinder of partially molten rock with a spherical inclusion: theory and simulation (2016) Geochem. Geophys. Geosyst. 16 doi:10.1002/2015GC006061 [PDF] [preprint] [Wiley]
Alisic L., Rudge J.F., Katz R.F., Wells G.N., Rhebergen S. Compaction around a rigid, circular inclusion in partially molten rock (2014) J. Geophys. Res. Solid Earth 119:5903-5920 [PDF] [preprint] [Wiley] [software download]
Karen Karen Lythgoe was a PhD student who wrote a thesis entitled “Seismic structure of Earth’s inner core and its dynamical interpretation”. Karen’s principal supervisor was Arwen Deuss, and she was co-supervised by myself and Jerome Neufeld. Karen now works at BP Sunbury.

Lythgoe K.H., Rudge J.F., Neufeld J.A., Deuss A. The feasibility of thermal and compositional convection in Earth’s inner core (2015) Geophys. J. Int. 201:764-782 [PDF] [preprint] [Oxford]
Lythgoe K.H., Deuss A., Rudge J.F., Neufeld J.A. Earth’s inner core: innermost inner core or hemispherical variations? (2014) Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 385:181-189 [PDF] [preprint] [Elsevier]
Matt Matt Commin was a PhD student who write his thesis on “Surface expressions of time-dependent mantle flow”. He was co-supervised by Nicky White. Matt developed models of the Iceland mantle plume and its influence on the topography of the North Atlantic over the last 50 million years. Matt is now training to be a teacher.